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Kumbashi Annegudde Temple:

              This  temple is one among the Parashuram Srasti Saptha kshetras'.

On  top of the hills lies the famous Ganesha Temple and at the bottom lies the 

"Hari-Hara","Chenna Keshava" and Surya" temples.

Beautiful sceanary,a peaceful climate,tall green trees ,a far away vision of the 

western ghats on one side  and on the opposite side a sight of the arabian sea increases 

the attraction of this area.Sri Vadiraja called it GoMukha.

Hari-Hara Temple:

At the bottom of Annegudde ,7-8 feet down into the earth is situated Hari-Haras 

which is in a beautiful pond ("sarovara").

On one end there is a sanctorum of Lord Harihara and to the other end a sanctorum of

 Lord Chennakeshava.The diety is made of a beautiful black stone which is considered 

rare among the rarest.

Soorya temple:

If we move further south we get into one of the oldest (SuryaNarayana Temples). The attractive 

diety is around 4ft with the pedestal .

On the way we get to the steps to Vinayaka Kshethra called "Madhuvana" in "Thetrayuga"

,"Hari-Hara Kshetra in "KrithYuga","Gowthamashrama" in "Dwapara Yuga" and in "Kaliyuga"

 ie the place of penance of sage Gowthama ie KUMBASHI.

History says that there was a giant called "KHUMBA" who was killed by "Bheema" with the 

help of a sword("asi") .This sword which was blessed by Vigneshwara.

As a result the place is named as "KUMBA"+ "ASI"="KUMBASHI".The deity is of "VIRAT" 

style attracting thousands of people every day.



Material Contributed by:Praveen

Photo Contributed by:Sujan Nailady