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....Said to be the personal temple of King Kunda Verma this temple is devoted to Lord Shiva.Facing to the east ,the temple is said to be the reason for the town to be named Kundapura.
The rare temple has only one santorum("graba gudi") ,the Diety("Linga") is 4ft. but only 1/3 of it is visible because 1/3 is kept in the pedadtal("peeta") and the rest of the third is in the earth.
There is a metal cover for the diety while the sanctorum is of black stone.
Apart from the diety of Lord Shiva ther are two other idols one of Lord Ganesha and the other of Godess Parvathi.
Outside the santorum a 1.5feet Bull("Nandi") lies.There are also some Shasanas which date the temple to the 15th to the 16th century.The main celebration of the temple is the "Kundeshwara Deepotsava".