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Koteshwara Dwajapura

Koteshwara Dwajapura is one of the oldest temples around the region and is very famous around this region.It has a lot of history associated with it.
It is said that this temple has a history of a yoke or lustreum("yuga") however the style of its structure is not so old.Art on the stones resemble the structures of "Chalukya","Hoysala","Vijayanagara" and "Keladi".It is one of the widest temples in the district.The art of the temple must have
It is said that because of the penence("Tapassu") of Brahma AdhiShakti a powerful light("jyothi") appeared which first appeared like a single "linga" and then turned into crores("Koti Lingas").From the linga Gangajala and Amrutha flowed into the river of Brahma.Then a huge linga appeared on earth("Pathala").

However after the yokes("Yuganthara"),because of destruction on earth("pralaya") the temple was destroyed.Thereafter it was again improvised.The "Koti Theertha" is still the biggest in the district(4.5 acres).
The temple faces the east and has a lot of sculptures.Kotilingas are situated in a well shaped structure("bhavi") and also on the pedestal("peeta").

There are 2 Dwarapalaka and Nandi.The temples chariot is the biggest in the district .The CAR FESTIVAL celebrated in the temple every year is a huge celebration with devotees coming from all over the country and abroad to participate in the festivities.The temple is famous for the "Kodi Habba".