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Once a capital but today it is a small village with a famous temple. It still maintains its natural attraction with beautiful green hills and the flowing water of the Varahi.
On the banks of Varahi is "Aramane Adi" near "Chandranatha Basadhi",this was the old Hattiangady.During the 8th and 9th century it had contact with Dharwad because of the conferences("Vicharagoshti") which used to take place there.That's why it has been called a GOSTIPURA.Its believed that the Siddhi Vinayaka Temple exists here from around the 3rd century. As per records present the present Archaka's father reconstructed the temple in 1924.The diety is of 2 1/2 feet which is of saligrama shile.Curly hair lie behind the head indicating that it is of Bala Ganapa.The pedestal is about 1 1/4 feet and is of black stone.Ther eis a golden rehha(line) from th elesft to th eright of the pedestal ("Pani Peeta").The face is covered with a silver mould.As the idol grow the cover has to be changed.
Among the other temples Godess Marala Devi has a long history and the Navarathri pujas are performed with great splendor.