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This is one among the Parashuram Srasti Saptha kshetras'.Sri Vadiraja called it GoMukha.On the hilly area on top of the hills lies the famous Ganesha Temple.At the bottom lie the "Hari-Hara","Chenna Keshava" and Surya" temples.
Beautiful scenary,peaceful climate,tall green trees ,a far away vision of the western ghats and on the opposite side a sight of the arabian sea increases the attraction of this area.

Hari-Hara Temple:

At the bottom of Annegudde ,7-8 feet down into the earth is situated Hari-Haras which is in a beautiful pond ,("sarovara").On one end there is a sanctorum of Lord Harihara and to the other end a sanctorum of Lord Chennakeshava.The diety is made of a beautiful black stone which is considered rare among the rarest.

Soorya temple:
If we move further south we get into one of the oldest (SuryaNarayana Temples). The attractive diety is around 4ft with the pedestal .
In between this we get the steps to Vinayaka Kshethra called "Madhuvana" in "Thetrayuga","Hari-Hara Kshetra in "KrithYuga","Gowthamashrama" in "Dwapara Yuga" and in "Kaliyuga" ie the place of penanve of sage Gowthama ie KUMBASHI.
History syas that there was agiant called "KHUMBA" who was killed by "Bheema" with th ehelp of a sword("asi") which was blessed by Vigneshwara.As aresult the place is names as "KUMBA"+ "ASI"="KUMBASHI".The diety is of "VIRAT" style attracting thousands of people every day.